Top ten reasons to hire a pet sitter:

10. Familiarity...Pets stay in their home where they are comfortable and sleep in their own bed.

9. Less Stress...Noise from barking dogs in kennels increase stress in dogs causing them to have feeding or stomach issues.

8. Routine...Your pets can follow the same routine they are used to.

7. More time for you...Save time getting pets ready for the kennel stay and drop off/pick up time.

6. Eliminates disease spreading...No worry that your dog will get an illness from another dog.

5. Relationship with pet...Using the same pet sitter builds a strong relationship with your pet.

4. Special needs...A kennel or a play group setting may not be suitable for your pet depending on their comfort level with unfamiliar people or animals.

3. Mid day break...You may just want your dog to get fed or exercised during the day while you are at work.

2. Business owner does the pet sitting...You come to know and trust the person who will be responsible for your pet's care!

1. Individual attention...Your pets are not just any number; they each are #1 with us!

Cheltzie; Beagle-Husky mix.

My second therapy dog!